Cognex Lighting Advisor Tool

Cognex Lighting Advisor Tool

The automotive industry demands precision pattern-matching and alignment solutions for automotive metal stamped components including frame pieces, safety equipment, motors, and engines.

Automation systems rely on machine vision to calculate accurate coordinates, which robots use to pick and align sheet metal blanks with tool and die surfaces.

Automated precision stamping occurs under strict tolerances and spans a broad range of part types, materials, and specifications.

Industry-leading machine vision technology calculates the coordinates and rotational offsets of multiple blanks travelling on a conveyor simultaneously so that a robot can accurately place it into a staging machine or directly into a metal stamping machine.

This allows manufacturers to work with different patterns and edge finishes and pick up parts at a repeatable offset during high-speed production runs.

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Historically, lighting was often the last aspect specified, developed, and or funded, if at all. And this approach was not entirely unwarranted, as until
recently there was no real, vision-specific lighting on the market; lighting devices were often consumer-level incandescent or fluorescent lighting products.

Perhaps no other aspect of vision system design and implementation has consistently caused more delay, cost overruns, and general consternation than lighting.

Cognex offers a Lighting Advisor tool, this unique tool allows you to explore the effects of different lighting techniques and lighting positions on a range of typical items.

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