Scribe Marking

Scribe Marking

Scribe marking, or sometimes referred to as ‘drop and drag’ or scratch marking, is the preferred choice when low noise marking is required. The scribe marking method is an established standard for VIN marking, automotive tags, and other applications where the pin stamping/dot peen marking method’s noise is a concern. It is a proven solution for permanent, low-noise, continuous character marking.

The key features of these systems include:

  • Extremely low noise marking
  • Powerful, rugged marking head drive mechanism for deep marking
  • Especially well-suited for VIN applications
  • The system can automatically generate serial numbers, date, time and shift codes
  • No computer is required to operate scribe marking systems
  • Rugged and industrial machines are built to withstand the harsh production environment
  • Easy to interface with programmable logic controllers

Scribe Marking from Traceability Solutions

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