Industrial Tags & Metal Asset Labels

Industrial Tags & Metal Asset Labels

A wide range of industrial tags and metal asset labels are available, which will survive practically any environment.

The following range of industrial tags is available:


Aluminium tags offer high resistance to scuffing and scratching and are ideal for UID (Unit Identification) applications. The most durable on-demand barcode-able metal identification label tag in the industry.


An ideal low-cost metal barcode tracking tag for identifying industrial equipment, such as valves and racks located in harsh environments – both indoors and outdoors.


This tag adheres robustly to rough surfaces and can survive oils and water-based machining fluids – and can even be applied to cast surfaces.

KettleTag™ Plus

These metal asset labels are specifically formulated to survive the harsh conditions of being exposed to the Hot Dip Galvanising process – from start to finish.


A high-temperature aluminium barcode tag designed to be affixed to billets of molten aluminium. In many cases, it will also survive homogenizing furnaces up to 1000° F (over 500° C), insuring positive product identification throughout processing.


This industrial tag has been developed for use as a barcode tracking tag. It can withstand the rigours of pickling and/or annealing processes, as well as high temperatures, weather & chemicals.

X-Tag™ - Forge & Foundry Tags

This is an extreme temperature barcode-able metal tag designed for the most demanding applications, e.g. the forging industry. The X-Tag™ is the only tag allowing for traceability in atmospheric annealing ovens and long, high heat cycles.

Paint Tag™

An ideal low-cost barcode tracking tag for identifying fabricated steel through typical painting operations.

Shot Tag™

This industrial label is resistant to common cleaning solutions and high-temperature paint curing. It features real-time printing of custom information while being specifically formulated to survive the painting fabricated steel.


Embed industrial tags in concrete castings and track them from form to install. The asset label attaches flush to poured concrete castings and features human-readable text and machine-readable bar codes to identify panels through curing, coating, yard stacking, as well as during shipping and installation.

Perma-Flex Tag

These metal tags provide long term, scratch-proof identification for applications requiring lifetime identification on curved surfaces.

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