Manual Markers

Manual Markers

Manual marking or conventional marking uses tools to permanently mark workpieces made of solid materials where one text, sequential numbering and short marking times are required. Conventional marking delivers an appreciable marking depth for low cost with immediate results.

Interchangeable Steel Types (ISTs) and Holders

The interchangeable steel type (IST) method of manual marking is the answer for all batch and general purpose marking. Simply build a series of characters into a holder and produce a mark quickly with uniform legibility.

Steel type can be used in a hand holder (to be hit with a hammer) or used in a machine holder (a press machine). Our ISTs are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards from high-quality steel and hardened to 59-63 Rockwell and are nickel-plated to resist rust.

These items can be purchased as a complete kit or as single pieces and range in size from 1mm – 10mm. Styles available are standard, reverse, wedge, mini stress and dot stress.

Handstamps & Punches

Handstamps are a simple, low-cost impact manual marker. Clear and permanent marks can be made into various materials up to 38 Rockwell by simply striking the punch with a hammer. Our handstamps are hardened and tempered to precise limits, manufactured from quality-controlled chromium tool steel, and are nickel-plated, providing rust protection and durability.

A complete range of punches is available for many applications and industries, in sizes ranging from 1mm – 12.5mm as standard. Reverse, heavy-duty, mini stress and dot stress options are also available.

A punch grip holder with an extended handle is also available.

Custom Stamps & Dies

We manufacture special dies and stamps by perfectly reproducing customer logos, technical impressions and custom designs according to customer requirements. The precision of these dies and stamps are assured by production on a CNC machine, using the highest quality materials. High precision, durable dies provide clear marks on your products.

Our custom stamps and dies are easy to use: impact the dies or stamps with a hammer, alternatively fit the dies or stamps into a holder and use an impact press to mark the material. They are manufactured from high-quality K110 material and are hardened to 54-56 RC for optimum performance.

Our stamps and dies are available in straight, convex or concave, to suit your systems’ component shape.

Numbering Heads

Our range of manual, automatic or custom heads allows for quick and easy serial numbering of parts.

According to the most advanced production techniques, the numbering heads are manufactured to enable sequential numbering on various substrates. Simply rotate the wheels to any given inscription!

Our numbering heads are available in manual, with or without levers, or automatic; we also provide numbering heads for hot foil marking systems. Custom numbering head options are available based on your specific needs.


Micromarkers are ideal for quality management applications where single-character marking is essential. The internal force is triggered by pressure using the palm of the hand.

The Micromarker punch is practical, versatile and quick, and has an impact force adjustable from 5-50kg with 54 different characters available. Custom symbols can be manufactured on request with a maximum character height of 3mm. Symbols, letters and numbers are also available.

Branding Irons

Branding irons offer an easy and quick way to brand items such as tyres, plastics and wood with alphanumeric information, inventory numbers or customized applications to suit your needs. Ten 1″ (25.4mm) numbers from 0-9 as a standard, with the T-Slot option available. Characters are available in a quarter (6mm), half (12mm) or one (25mm) inch

The solid head or T-slot is heated and kept hot by the powerful internal heating element, which creates the heat to brand the mark. Built-in stand supports to ensure that the branding head is supported during heat up and when standing idle.

Our branding irons are rugged and built to last.

Paint Markers

When you need a bright, bold, long-lasting mark, nothing beats paint. We stock a complete line of industrial liquid paint markers for almost any surface, which withstands any temperature.

These high-gloss enamel paint markers provide precise and permanent markings on various interior and exterior material surfaces, whether wet, dry, oily, rough or smooth. You can mark on almost any porous or non-porous on surfaces such as metals, plastics, printed circuit boards, glass, wood, paper, leather, textiles and much more.

These paint markers leave a mark that resists chipping and fading or any amount of rubbing to stay clear and legible.

Key Features  & Benefits

  • Marks underwater.
  • Writes in any direction.
  • Industrial strength paint for permanent marking.
  • Quick-drying. 1-3 minutes. Reduces downtime.
  • Marks are weather and UV resistant.
  • Marking range -20°C to 60°C.
  • Marks are heat resistant. Cured marks will withstand temperatures up to 1200°C.
  • Available in 9 bright colours (white, yellow, red, green, blue, orange, purple, silver, black) for improved mark identification, quality control, and parts inspection
  • Non-rusting nozzle.
  • Tip size: 2.5mm.
  • Writing width. 2mm – 4mm. Based on the amount of pressure applied when marking.
  • Lead-free.
  • If required, marks can be removed from non-porous surfaces with certain industrial solvents

Hand Coders

The perfect solution when automatic coding is not possible!

Hand coders quickly and easily apply date codes, lot number, and other information onto your product with minimal effort by using porous inks to an ink roller, which inks the rib type.

The lightweight, hand-held design makes them a perfect manual marker for use in remote job sites. Inexpensive, interchangeable characters are easily replaced, and disposable ink rollers give you thousands of impressions.

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