Industrial Marking & Automated Spray Systems

Industrial Marking & Automated Spray Systems

Non-Contact Spray System

The I-Dent Spray Marking System offers a practical and cost-effective alternative to manually stencilling products in an industrial environment. This spray system utilizes a non-contact multi-nozzle print head capable of producing a full range of uppercase alphanumerical characters between 11 and 140mm in height and a range of barcodes.

The key features of the I-Dent non-contact spray marking system include:

  • Non-contact printing is performed with pigmented inks.
  • Line speeds of up to 122 meters per minute can be done
  • The system offers electronic dot size control.
  • A wide variety of inks are available to meet most marking applications.
  • Can handle normal, oily and high temperature marking surfaces.

Industrial Impact Marking Systems

This heavy-duty programmable marking system has been designed specifically for hot marking applications in the steel industry. This impact marking system is ideal for applications where reliable operation under severe conditions is an absolute requirement. The inherent ruggedness and reliability of this system, together with high operating speeds and print capacity, make it the ideal choice for any heavy-duty marking application –  hot or cold.

The key features of the InfoDent Impact Marker include:

  • Permanent indented marks are assured for long term product traceability.
  • Rugged and reliable, which is ideal for severe mill environments.
  • Highly legible alphanumeric characters are produced for manual or machine reading.
  • The marking system can mark legibly on rough, curved or uneven surfaces.
  • The InfoDent Impact Marking system can print at high speeds.
  • Print messages can be entered manually or downloaded from a host computer.

Metal Asset Tag Printers

Our range of non-contact laser printers is designed to work like a PC printer and compact enough to fit into the smallest of available areas. They are fully PC-compatible, and the bundled free Producer software makes it easy to produce high-quality metal barcode tags in just minutes.

LabeLase 1000 Metal Tag Printer

This printer is designed to function as a standard desktop PC-compatible printer and fits into a small space. Plugging directly into the back of your PC and with the bundled software, you will be printing high-quality metal bar code tags in just minutes.

The LabeLase 1000 Metal Tag Printer has the smallest footprint of any comparable systems available.

Key features:

  • Smallest footprint available anywhere
  • Quiet operation
  • Non-contact marking (no delicate pin matrix head)
  • Continuous roll & single tag feeding is standard
  • High-quality bar codes meet AIM, MIL and GSI. Specs.
  • Common symbologies are pre-programmed and additional, and custom symbologies are available.
  • Unlimited range of metal tags suitable for any environment.

LabeLase 1000P Plate Marker

This desktop laser-printing system for die-cut metal tags is designed to function like the desktop PC printer at your workstation and is just as compact. Tag dimensions of up to 71mm in width and 152mm in length are supported.

Key features:

  • Smallest footprint available anywhere
  • Quiet operation
  • User-friendly integrated PC-based software for tag layout and printing
  • Interchangeable tag carrier plates similar to the CD-ROM drawer on a PC, for irregularly-shaped die-cut tags
  • Custom plates for single or multiple tags of different sizes
  • Non-contact marking (no delicate pin matrix head)
  • High-quality barcodes meet AIM specifications; common symbologies pre-programmed, with additional and custom symbologies available upon request
  • RoHS compliant
  • Five mils nominal laser spot-size for printing in finer detail
  • Compliant with US Government UID specifications
  • Prints all PC-installed fonts and graphic images
  • Unlimited number of text, barcode, and graphic fields per tag
  • An unrivalled range of metal tags for temperatures up to 1100° C / 2000° F, acid resistance, atmosphere-controlled annealing
  • USB, Ethernet & RS232 (serial) communications ports included

JM410 Metal Asset Tag Printer

This competitively priced printer produces custom barcoded ID tags on demand and is designed for low volume applications, allowing you to print tags for asset identification or industrial marking.

Key features:

  • Low Cost
  • Small Footprint
  • Quiet Operation
  • Single tag, on-demand printing
  • Non-contact marking
  • High-quality barcodes for standard or custom symbologies
  • Unlimited number of text, barcode, and graphic fields per tag
  • An unrivalled range of metal tags suitable for virtually any environment

LabeLase 3030

Fully automatic continuous-feed 30-Watt desktop laser printer for metal barcode tags. The printer accepts standard 90-meter rolls of continuous tag stock, pre-nicked & notched for easy break-off. Designed for even high reliability and ultimate ease of maintenance, the LabeLase 3030 features printing speeds that prints tags at a blazing three times the speed of the LabeLase 1000.

Key features:

  • Smallest 30 Watt printer footprint available anywhere.
  • An unlimited number of text, bar code and graphic fields per tags.
  • An unrivalled range of metal tags – temperatures up to 1100°C / 2000° F, acid resistance, atmosphere-controlled annealing, and the rainbow of colours.

LabeLase Max

Roughly ten-times faster than the LabeLase® industry-leading LL1000, the LL4000 sets a new standard for productivity. Its speed makes it especially valuable when production lines increase speeds or need more data on your tags.

Key features:

  • The LL4000 is slightly bigger than the LL3000 but still fits easily on desktops, inside control cabinets and pulpits, or as a standalone on its cabinet.
  • Faster for better print speed.
  • Sharp, clear text, bar codes, logos, graphics, and user-controlled fonts.
  • Higher performance without sacrificing reliability or versatility.
  • Allows for longer tags with bigger bar codes and more and larger text.
  • One-year warranty and lifetime live 24/7 technical assistance.
  • Optional 40-, 60-, 80- or 100-watt laser.
  • Optional tag widths of 3, 3.5, 4, 4.8 or 5 inches (76 mm – 127 mm wide).
  • Optional exhaust features and or water cooling.
  • Optional vector printing.

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