Scanners & Barcode Readers

Scanners & Barcode Readers

Handheld Scanners

Our range of rugged, tethered, and non-tethered scanners bring comprehensive, high-performance data capture to harsh industrial environments, improving business efficiency. Engineered with breakthrough digital imaging technology, this scanner family delivers extremely fast and accurate data capture of one dimensional (1D) and two dimensional (2D) barcodes and direct part marks (DPM).

The key features of these hand-held scanners include:

  • Communicate using USB, RS232 and TTL Level RS232.
  • Designed for fast-paced production environments.
  • Omnidirectional scanning.
  • A unique aiming pattern with a bright central dot ensures quick and accurate scanning.
  • Programmable using a series of barcodes (supplied)
  • Untethered wireless Bluetooth options are also available.

Mobile Computing Devices

We have a mobile computing solution for you to scan barcodes and collect data in the harshest of environments. Whether you are managing inventory in industrial warehouses, searching for materials in sub-zero temperatures, or repairing military equipment in a hot sandy desert, these devices are matched to your requirements.

This range of mobile computing devices offers the user the ability to carry out mobile data collection and computing tasks with complete confidence – even if the label has been damaged.

Key features of mobile computing devices include:

  • Most advanced Windows Mobile operating systems.
  • Powerful microprocessors designed for mobility.
  • Large memory to support any application.
  • Works on wireless LAN.
  • Bluetooth functionality.
  • Effortless real-time tracking of all your devices.
  • Government grade data security.

RFID Barcode Scanners

Non-contact reading and writing of data are enabled by using RFID systems; this data collection method automatically identifies objects through low-power radio waves. Data is sent and received through RFID tags, an antenna, an RFID reader, and a transceiver. When triggered by an electromagnetic interrogation pulse from a nearby RFID reader device, the tag transmits digital data, usually an identifying inventory number, back to the reader.

The main features are as follows:

  • Ability to read and write data without direct contact
  • By “combining an item with its information”, a highly pliable and reliable system configuration becomes possible
  • With the adoption of space transmission technology and protocols, highly reliable communication is made possible
  • Reading and writing is possible without a line of sight, using electric and electromagnetic wave transmission
  • Can simultaneously access information of multiple RF tags

Fixed Mount Scanners

Fixed-mount scanners, allow hands-free convenience and provide for extraordinary scanning speeds of any barcode, on any surface. Our range of fixed-mount scanners provides omnidirectional scanning in any environment, including retail, airport, FMCG, and various manufacturing environments.

This tiny barcode reader device has a comprehensive data capturing ability which is easily integrated into any production line, allowing you to scan any barcode from 1 dimensional (1D) to two dimensional (2D), to DPM (direct part marking).

The key features of the fixed mount scanners include:

  • Communicate using USB, RS232 and TTL Level RS232.
  • A unique aiming pattern with bright central dot ensures quick and accurate scanning.
  • Programmable using a series of barcodes (supplied).

Scanners & Barcode Readers from Traceability Solutions

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