Automotive Laser Marking

Automotive Laser Marking

Automotive parts require permanent marking for quality control and traceability, which means you need a durable mark that can hold up against constant wear.
Every automotive company understands the importance of safety. However, some professionals may be unaware of how large a role automotive laser marking plays in ensuring this safety.

Laser marking machines help maintain part traceability in the automotive industry, promoting greater quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Various parts, from car batteries to engine parts, can be marked!

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Historically, lighting was often the last aspect specified, developed, and or funded, if at all. And this approach was not entirely unwarranted, as until
recently there was no real, vision-specific lighting on the market; lighting devices were often consumer-level incandescent or fluorescent lighting products.

Perhaps no other aspect of vision system design and implementation has consistently caused more delay, cost overruns, and general consternation than lighting.

Cognex offers a Lighting Advisor tool, this unique tool allows you to explore the effects of different lighting techniques and lighting positions on a range of typical items.

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