Machine Vision Lighting

Machine Vision Lighting

The automotive industry demands precision pattern-matching and alignment solutions for automotive metal stamped components including frame pieces, safety equipment, motors, and engines.

Automation systems rely on machine vision to calculate accurate coordinates, which robots use to pick and align sheet metal blanks with tool and die surfaces.

Automated precision stamping occurs under strict tolerances and spans a broad range of part types, materials, and specifications.

Industry-leading machine vision technology calculates the coordinates and rotational offsets of multiple blanks travelling on a conveyor simultaneously so that a robot can accurately place it into a staging machine or directly into a metal stamping machine.

This allows manufacturers to work with different patterns and edge finishes and pick up parts at a repeatable offset during high-speed production runs.

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Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of machine vision applications.

Failure to properly illuminate a target can result in the loss of information and productivity.

To understand this, you need to understand the material that the object is made from, its size, shape and finish. The object’s color is also important; even if the inspection system is monochromatic (a red part will reflect differently from a pink part).

All of these characteristics affect how light is reflected, and may pose challenges in creating a good image.

Lighting can also affect how your vision system analyzes an object and produces a workable image. You need proper focus and illumination to create a good image.

Images with poor contrast and uneven illumination require much more effort from the imaging device, which ultimately increases the processing time, and can increase the number of incorrect image analyses.

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