Precision Pattern-Matching & Alignment Solutions

Precision Pattern-Matching & Alignment Solutions

The automotive industry demands precision pattern-matching and alignment solutions for automotive metal stamped components including frame pieces, safety equipment, motors, and engines.

Automation systems rely on machine vision to calculate accurate coordinates, which robots use to pick and align sheet metal blanks with tool and die surfaces.

Automated precision stamping occurs under strict tolerances and spans a broad range of part types, materials, and specifications.

Industry-leading machine vision technology calculates the coordinates and rotational offsets of multiple blanks travelling on a conveyor simultaneously so that a robot can accurately place it into a staging machine or directly into a metal stamping machine.

This allows manufacturers to work with different patterns and edge finishes and pick up parts at a repeatable offset during high-speed production runs.

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Labeling or identification of steel products is an absolute necessity in today’s global steel market. But when, where, and how, that occurs can vary from product to product. The specific product (shape), purpose of the identification (in-house vs. customer specifications), stage in the manufacturing process (i.e., hot vs. cold), and what the labeling is subjected to downstream all have to be considered.

Note that marking or labelling methods can include: traditional labels (paper/plastic/vinyl); stenciling (ink/paint); stamping (die punch/dot-peen); RFID (radio frequency tags); direct part mark (etching/laser) as well as other technologies. And the generic term “label” includes identification via color-coding, man-readable text, barcodes and logos.

We can assist with the direct part marking, or supply solutions and various tracking systems which can track their items through various processes which include: Galvanising, Shot-Blasting, Paint Processes, Red-Oxide, etc. In addition to this, we can assist and supply various tracking systems – allowing the clients to have real time production feedback. In addition to this we can provide labels, which can be printed internal by means of a label printer as well as laser engrave tamper evident labels in house.

Once we have done a site visit to identify the customers’ traceability needs throughout their manufacturing process, we will ensure that the most suitable solution will be provided. Marking or Labelling as well as attentive RFID are being used to track materials through the production processes. The labels or markings (2D) are printed once all materials have been captured or allocated to a specific job. This Label or 2D code can then be scanned, tracking this through the various processes. Alternatively, the markings could be used for general I.D. – or once received on site, used to meet drawing numbers, allocations or positioning, etc.

Traceability Solutions offer various tagging systems, we have Tag solutions that cover various areas of industry, these include: Annealing processes, Galvanising, Asset I.D., High / Low Temperature environments, and more.

Our systems have been tried and tested within various sectors of the industry, even through the harshest environments with successful results. Having the biggest global network and brands ensures that we stay ahead of the market, introducing new products and solutions no matter the application.

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