Laser Technologies

Laser Technologies

It is hard to imagine that the first laser was built less than sixty years ago, laser technology has advanced rapidly and today we have a myriad of laser types that wouldn’t have been thought possible 60 years ago. Some of these laser types include UV, fiber, vanadate, green wavelength and CO2 lasers.

Traceability Solutions are the distributors of Telesis Technologies laser and dot peen marking solutions in South Africa, our lasers from Telesis Technologies continue to lead in the evolution of marking technology with innovations that provide manufacturers with a wide selection of highly versatile laser markers that integrate seamlessly into the production workflow. Our laser marking systems can be integrated into your existing production line or used as a stand-alone system, making it easy to mark logos, 2D codes, QR codes, serial or batch numbers on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics and more.

The UV laser is versatile in marking a wide range of materials and is perfect for “cold marking” applications where heat zones are not allowed, this laser will also mark plastics and silicon without the need of additives and has the ability to be used in micro-marking applications such as electronics, circuit boards and microchips in addition to solar panels and medical marking applications. Our latest UV Laser, the UV/OneTM marks what other’s can’t, it is a new generation of small footprint all-in-one laser which can be used for the traceability and identification of products, designed to mark even the most challenging materials such as glass, polypropylene, PETG resin, rubber and fibreglass. The UV/oneTM laser marking system is equipped with many high-end features, it is coming to market at a price point that knowledgeable purchasers will find very appealing for a well-featured, high-performance UV system. That a high-end, UV laser marking system in a compact AIO design can now be brought to market at such attractive price illustrates the great degree to which laser marking technology has advanced over the past 60 years.

The Telesis fiber laser markers (F-Series) are ideal for industrial applications, typically marking a range of metals or plastics and can be integrated into high-volume production lines, with the use of our dual0scanning head version production can be boosted further.

The Telesis Green wavelength laser marking systems are optimized for an application that requires high beam quality and stability, it also offers extra power and speed for an application that requires scribing, trimming and other material processing that is not well suited for near IR or COS wavelength lasers.

Some of the innovations include the following features:


The Vari-Z 3D technology significantly reduces part and laser positioning time when marking curved, uneven surfaces and multiple parts. The 3-axis beam automatically corrects the Z-axis to maintain consistent focus throughout the entire marking process eliminating the need for precise laser mounting so as to make part change-over fast and easy.., In addition to time savings and increased efficiency, the Vari-Z 3D option eliminates costs for external Z-axis hardware to add even further to its cost-effectiveness.


The Telesis Auto-Focus option can be used with Vari-Z to achieve perfect focus for every cycle and to ensure the highest quality marks every time. Telesis Auto-Focus eliminates expensive tooling costs by providing real-time focus correction for process variability. The Auto-Focus function on Vari-Z model lasers allows the marker to automatically compensate for varying target positions. The displacement sensor measures each part’s position to accommodate for changes in material thicknesses, position, or other process variations such as tool wear to achieve consistently perfect results.

Integrated Vision System

Telesis offers an advanced code reading and custom inspection solution integrated inside the marking head to reduce the larger footprint and additional integration costs associated with external vision systems. Two inline vision system options are available: (A) The TeleView™ Option reads and grades 2D data matrix codes and features a live viewing window with a laser focus indicator. (B) The Cognex Option reads and grades to ISO and AIM DPM standards.

Dual Head Laser Marking Solution

The patented Telesis Dual-Head Laser systems control two independent marking heads with a single INTERFACE integrated controller. These unique laser marking systems provide several important advantages: It is less expensive and simpler to set up and operate a dual-head system than to set up and synchronize the operation of two separate laser marking systems. A Telesis Dual-Head Laser Marking system requires less space and takes away the limitations of using only one laser. For instance, a two-headed system can mark deeper, longer, and faster on two different types of material and/or on two different sides of a part the same time. And, one head can immediately backup the other in the case of a head getting damaged or experiencing an operational problem. Telesis Dual-Head Laser Marking Systems can be outfitted with the Vari-Z 3D marking, Auto-Focus, and/or Integrated Vision System (integrated camera) options. The user-friendly Merlin® 2H (dual-head) software is compatible with a PC or a laptop, easy to integrate, and can handle .dxf, ai. and .plt files.

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