Choose the Right Tag

Choose the Right Tag

KettleTag®Plus is the right tag for Hot Dip Galvanizing!!

KettleTag® Plus is specifically formulated to survive the process of Hot Dip Galvanizing from start to finish.

KettleTag® Plus are attached to fabricated steel parts before galvanizing, via wire fasteners utilizing a pre-punched hole or slot in the tag.

The InfoSight Tag Printers – LabeLase®1000, LL2800 Series, or LL 3030 are ideal to use on these tags for high quality 1D & 2D barcodes, high contrast text and customer logos.

KettleTag® Plus remain readable after galvanizing for tracking and traceability.

KettleTag® Plus Properties:

  • Survives molten zinc dip
  • Resists caustic wash & acid pickling
  • Meets AIM specifications
  • Metal Substrate for durability and rough handling
  • Temperature Range is -22°F to 1400°F (-30°C to 760°C)
  • UV-Stable & Weather Resistant
  • Survives Zinc Chloride, Hydrochloric AcidHCl, Sulfuric Acid H2SO4, Sodium Hydroxide, NaOHandAmmonium Chloride

KettleTag® Plusis supplied in 3″ x 3″ (76mm x 76mm) and custom sizes are also available.