Automotive Industry Solutions

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Automotive Industry Solutions

Within an automobile, almost every system and component can be improved by using machine vision. Incorporating machine vision systems and image-based barcode readers as part of the production process allows automotive part manufacturers and vehicle assembly plants to achieve the high quality that customers expect.

Automotive application segments include tyre and wheel systems, safety systems, powertrain systems, electric vehicle, chassis systems and electronic systems.

Tyre and wheel systems which deliver robustly, high-speed wheel identification using propriety code-reading algorithms that can reliably locate codes despite random manufacturers; solutions available are tyre and wheel identification, tyre assembly inspection, tyre tracking and sorting automation, wheel and lug nut torquing, wheel fastener inspection and wheel handling system automation.

Safety systems make use of image-based barcode readers and vision systems to help automotive manufacturers control traceability of final assemblies and improve product quality by performing the following automated inspections such as airbag canister and airbag component inspection, airbag fabric inspection, brake pad and brake valve component inspection, seat belt component inspection, torque converter and engine valve traceability and windshield glue bead installation.

Vision systems used to confirm the presence of critical powertrain components like clutch packs, carriers, constant velocity points, valve bodies, pistons, seals and snap rings; the systems offer solutions for cylinder inspection, engine block traceability, oil cap assembly, piston ring inspection, RTV glue bead seal inspection, spark plug identification and classification, torque converters and engine valves traceability, transmission assembly  & control module inspection, transport tray identification and welding seam inspection.

3D vision systems are either mounted in a fixed position or on a robot with the ability to measure the gap and flush of every car chassis with high accuracy and provide a complete inspection of automotive final assembly verification, automotive metal stamping inspection, body panel de-racking and inspection, kitting process improvement, steering knuckle inspection, trim final assembly verification, VIN code inspection, welding care side panels and wheel and lug nut torquing.

Vision products with colour and shape recognition tools help automotive electronic component manufacturers speed up and error-proof the sorting process by inspecting the battery, cooling module, electrical module seal, electrical switch assembly, instrument cluster, printed circuit board and transmission control module.

Automotive Industry Solutions

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