Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Automatic Coil Tagger

Many mills throughout the world are turning to automated equipment to do their identification. Until now, there has been no reliable system to automatically print and apply high-quality bar-coded tags to hot slabs, thereby reducing man-hours.

The Automatic Coil tagging machine utilises a CO2 laser to blacken the high-temperature white coating on stainless steel metal tags.

High definition characters, barcodes, and logos are easily marked. The tag is automatically sheared and resistance spot-welded to the outer wrap of the coil.  The tags can be as simple as a 100x250mm tag on the outer wrap, or a “foldover” tag that can be easily viewed from both the wrap and ply sides of the coil.

Features of our Automatic Coil Tagging system:

  • Fully automatic system
  • Consistent high quality barcodes
  • CO2 laser, non-contact tag marking
  • Stainless steel tags survive 1000° Celsius
  • Fast cycle times
  • Proven reliable resistance welding
  • Easy to read from the wrap or ply using the foldover tag.

Automatic Billet Tagging System

The Traceability Solutions Automatic Billet Tagging system helps you to identify and track billets with laser-marked tags. This system allows for the printing of variable alphanumeric message data () and logos, marked directly onto heat resistant stainless steel tags, and is custom designed for your specific application.

With a rugged construction, the Automatic Billet Tagging system is enabled with MIG welding technology, and will provide you with both barcodes (code 128) and 2D codes. It is highly recommended for the hot mill environment.

  • High quality barcodes meet AIM specifications
  • Consistent read results via commercially available barcode scanners
  • Track products throughout the production process
  • Ensures data accuracy and cost effective, up-to-the- minute inventory status.

Colourband Pipe Marking System

The pipe marker is the ultimate solution when it comes to non-contact stripe marking of different coloured bands of ink around the ends of tubing or piping. The Colourband™ system can have a custom-designed number of colours and nozzles to allow easy configuration of the desired colours and quantities of bands to meet your specific needs.

  • Air actuated spray nozzles
  • Stainless steel ink reservoirs
  • Custom made to fit in the allotted space.

Plate Marker for Moving Plate

The Plate Marker for Moving Plate is the ultimate plate mill solution for non-contact stencil plate marking for both cold and hot plates.

Marking technology for the required plate temperature range is used, and speeds of up to 4.5 meters per second are possible on ambient temperature applications, and 1.5 meters per second on hot marking applications.  A wide variety of inks are available to meet most marking applications, while specific targeted inks have been developed to handle ambient, ambient to hot and high temperature plate.

  • Non-contact printing with highly visible pigmented inks
  • Multiple marking heads
  • Multiple fonts
  • Variable character heights
  • Programmable dot size control
  • Auto serialization

Automatic Slab Tagging Machines

Infosight was the first company to introduce Automatic Slab Tagging machines to the steel mill industry and continues this tradition today as a proven leader in innovative thinking and cost saving solutions. Utilising simple barcodes to keep track of individual steel slabs as they’re produced, rather than in batches, yields valuable data about parentage, process history, and disposition of each piece, rather than crude averages typical of batch data.  This allows for real-time inventory control, product accountability, and reductions in labour, associated with manual tagging or other slab identification methods.

  • Custom engineered, factory integrated systems
  • Built to handle harsh environments
  • State of the art laser marking technology
  • Reliable dual MIG welding of heat resistant tags
  • Safe for use on side of slab tag applications