High Security Asset Labels

High Security Asset Labels

Traceability Solutions stocks a variety of tamper-evident laser markable materials, developed for asset labelling applications.

Our High-Security Asset Labels are generally used as tamper-evident labels for high-security applications. The asset label material has a double-layer brittle acrylic film that disintegrates when tampered with. These labels have been tried and tested in several industries as well as over the entire life of labelled assets and are regarded as a high-performance product for asset labelling applications.  We supply and mark this high-security material by using sophisticated laser marking systems, which minimises the risk of counterfeiting.

These labels are typically black with white text, and can be turned around in a pre-determined time period, depending on the quantity (although there is no minimum quantity required for orders).

The benefits of using high security, tamper evident materials include:

  • Easy peel and stick application.
  • Label backing is highly resistant against chemicals, abrasion, and temperature
  • Resin modified acrylic adhesive is suitable for even low energy surfaces.
  • Labels are durable.
  • Fast turn-around time.
  • Quality of marking is assured.
  • Marking options available include, but are not limited to, 2D Codes, Barcodes and Alphanumerical Sequences.
  • Labels can be manufactured in any shape or size