Custom Automation & Integration


Custom Automation & Integration

We are the only marking and identification supplier in our industry that can provide in-house system integration, customized enclosure or workstation engineering service to suit your production environment.

Our engineering department is fully equipped to deal with any electrical, machining or design requirements to make your application work for you with ease. Whether you require special jigging, tooling, enclosures, or material handling solutions, we can provide a high-quality service, making us a one-stop-shop.

We specialize in building jigging and tooling for various industries and applications. The manufacturing team has successfully delivered conveyors, 3D CAD designs, custom tool making and jigging using software and PLCs. We have done work for many automotive component manufacturers, the South African Police Service, and many more diverse and demanding clients.

The benefits of using our value-added services:

  • High-quality integration is done by the specialists who understand marking equipment and your particular environment
  • High-quality manufacturing
  • 24-hour backup and support is provided in the event of machinery break-down

Traceability Solutions are the leaders in the field of Marking, Identification, and Traceability