Impact Presses & Hot Foil Presses

Impact Presses

Impact presses mark with ease in a single movement, allowing the entire message to be impressed into your material in one instant, using a press-style die, holder and interchangeable type or numbering head.

The force required to indent the product is produced by a compression spring in the impact press. The machine and tooling selected are determined by the inscription’s size and the material’s resistance (hardness) to be marked.

Impact press systems are available in various models for different force strengths and manual or pneumatic options. Production speeds are limited only by how the material to be marked is loaded and offloaded from the press. Impact press marking gives you the ability to perform high-speed printing to match the fastest production lines, with low initial and long-term costs. Impact presses are particularly safe for any volume application.

Hot Foil Stamping & Marking

Hot foil stamping or marking entails heating a die and pressing this onto a pigmented hot foil tape to impact a mark permanently onto a surface. Foils are available in various options, allowing you to mark in any colour, pattern, or image, and accommodate many complex options, including a selection of customizable security options.

Hot foil stamping is an established technology for coding, marking and overprinting on a wide range of packaging materials. Hot foil press systems are available in both manual and pneumatic configurations and are equipped with an adjustable thermostat to regulate different temperatures needed to mark various materials. Hot foil stamping offers clean and instantly dry printing in all operational environments.

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