Dot Peen Marking & Pinstamping Machines

PINSTAMPING® Machines and Dot Peen Marking

PINSTAMP® / dot peen technology allows manufacturers to automate the direct part marking (DPM) process, ensuring 100% reliable part traceability. Also known as PINSTAMPING®, dot peen refers to a permanent, direct part marking process using a tungsten carbide pin to indent the marking surface with text, logos and 2D Data Matrix barcodes.

We offer our PINSTAMP® marking equipment various options, from pneumatic to electromechanical, benchtop, hand-held, and battery-operated models. The products we supply have been developed to focus on customer requirements and based on our years of experience within the marking industry.

Our range of fully programmable single- and multi-pin marking systems are ideal for direct part marking onto several surfaces and materials, whether used in a factory-integrated environment or a benchtop application.

The key features of pneumatic pin marking systems include:

  • The range of pin options available offers different marking depths
  • The systems are easy to set-up and use
  • A computer is not required to operate the machine
  • Rugged, durable machines are built to withstand the harsh industrial production environment
  • These systems easily interface with hosts, PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), and other testing or production equipment
  • A wide range of materials can be marked, from soft plastics to hardened steel (up to a hardness of 62 RC.)

Vibro Marking - What is it?

Vibro marking is different to pin marking but offered by the same supplier. The characters are marked using a small vibrating pin. This method is recommended for speedy marking with high quality.

To find out more about Vibro marking, contact us.

Electromechanical Pinstamp® Markers

Electromechanical pin marking systems do not require compressed air to operate and work solely from 220V power. These dot peen marking machines are designed for easy set-up and immediate use, right out of the box (“plug & play”).

The key features of electromechanical pin marking systems include:

  • A computer is not required to operate the machine, as these systems come with their controller and an easy-to-use, a graphical user interface screen
  • Easy-to-use marking machines enable you to achieve quality, permanent part marking virtually anywhere you need it
  • Electromechanical pin stamping systems are unrestricted by air supply lines.
  • They provide a generous marking window, ideal for marking data plates and components with ease
  • Can be configured to automatically generate serial numbers, date, time and shift codes
  • Both hand-held or benchtop configurations are available

Handheld Pinstamp® Markers

Hand-held pin stamping systems are ideal for marking large components or components that are difficult to manoeuvre. These systems are designed for ease of use as they are lightweight yet robust. Our hand-held pin markers are available in various options, including electric, pneumatic, single- and multi-pin configurations.

The key features of hand-held pin marking systems include:

  • A variety of marking windows are available
  • Compact and ergonomically designed
  • These systems can accommodate surface irregularities of up to 15mm
  • No computer is required to operate the machine
  • Ideal where marking is required to be done in a variety of locations

Battery Operated Pinstamp® Markers

Our compact battery-operated electromechanical marking system is the perfect option for marking off-site or remote locations without a consistent electricity supply. This marking system is rugged and field-proven for high-quality marking on a variety of substrates. This self-contained system does not require a PC or air to operate, and the controller can store up to 400 marking patterns.

The key features of the battery-operated marker include:

  • Ergonomic dual handle design.
  • Large 1” x 4” (25mm x 100mm) marking window.
  • Extremely robust design featuring rugged X-Y platform and all-metal enclosure.
  • Powerful pin drive design for marking depths of up to 0.011″ (0.3mm) in mild steel.
  • The marking head weighs less than 6.6 pounds (3.0kg), meaning less electronic cables. The controller weighs approximately 3kgs.
  • Marks at speeds of up to 3 characters-per-second (character size dependent).
  • Automatically generates serial numbers, date, time and shift codes.

PINSTAMPING® and Dot Peen Machines from Traceability Solutions

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