Automatic Slab Tagging Machines

Automatic Slab Tagging Machines

Infosight was the first company to introduce Automatic Slab Tagging machines to the steel mill industry and continues this tradition today as a proven leader in innovative thinking and cost-saving solutions. Utilizing simple barcodes to keep track of individual steel slabs as they’re produced, rather than in batches, yields valuable data about parentage, process history, and disposition of each piece, rather than crude averages typical of batch data.  Allowing for real-time inventory control, product accountability, and reductions in labour associated with manual tagging or other slab identification methods.

Features of our Automatic Slab Tagging system:

  • Custom engineered factory-integrated systems.
  • Built to handle harsh environments.
  • State of the art laser marking technology.
  • Reliable dual MIG welding of heat resistant tags.
  • Safe for use on the side of slab tag applications.

Automatic Slab Tagging Machine Systems from Traceability Solutions

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