Automatic Coil Tagger

Automatic Coil Tagger from Traceability Solutions

Automatic Coil Tagger

Many mills throughout the world are turning to automated equipment to make their identification. There has been no reliable system to automatically print and apply high-quality barcoded tags to hot slabs, reducing man-hours.

The Automatic Coil tagging machine utilizes a CO2 laser to blacken the high-temperature white coating on stainless steel metal tags.

High-definition characters, barcodes, and logos are easily marked. The tag is automatically sheared and resistance spot-welded to the outer wrap of the coil.  The tags can be as simple as a 100x250mm tag on the outer wrap or a “foldover” tag that can be easily viewed from both the coil’s wrap and ply sides.

Features of our Automatic Coil Tagging system:

  • Fully automatic system
  • Consistent, high-quality barcodes
  • CO2 laser, non-contact tag marking
  • Stainless steel tags survive 1000° Celsius
  • Fast cycle times
  • Proven reliable resistance welding
  • Easy to read from the wrap or ply using the foldover tag.

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