Automatic Billet Tagging System

Automatic Billet Tagging System from Traceability Solutions

Automatic Billet Tagging System

The Traceability Solutions Automatic Billet Tagging system helps you to identify and track billets with laser-marked tags. This system allows for printing variable alphanumeric message data () and logos, marked directly onto heat resistant stainless steel tags, and is custom-designed for your specific application.

With rugged construction, the Automatic Billet Tagging system is enabled with MIG welding technology and will provide you with both barcodes (code 128) and 2D codes. It is highly recommended for the hot mill environment.

Features of our Automatic Billet Tagging system:

  • High-quality barcodes meet AIM specifications
  • Consistent read results via commercially available barcode scanners
  • Track products throughout the production process
  • Ensures data accuracy and cost-effective, up-to-the-minute inventory status.

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