Glossary & FAQ’s

  • DPM - Direct Part Marking
  • Readability - Scanning or Capturing of Barcode information
  • Dies - Special Handstamps, Custom Logo Handstamps)
  • Pinstamp – Patent word used by Telesis (aka - Dot Peen).
  • 2D – Datamatrix Barcode (Serial Numbers, Manufacturing Info, etc. can be placed within).
  • QR Code – Once Scanned, will take you to a URL or HTTP site (not used on production parts).
  • I.S.T’s– referred to as Interchangeable Steel Type or Character Inserts.
  • MOTH– Marking on the Fly (when parts are marked while moving).
  • HSL– High Security Labels (Tamper Evident).
  • Do you have products that withstand the Galvanizing process?
  • Are your Brands all exclusive to Traceability Solutions?
    Yes, except Pryor
  • Can you integrate into our current production environment?
    We have an in-house manufacturing department which will be able to integrate our machinery into your production environment
  • Can you supply the full “package” (Machine, Software, Scanners, Consumables, etc.)?
    Yes we can
  • Do you have Lasers that can mark in any environment
  • Do you supply any additives that will change the contrast of Plastics when being Laser Marked
    Yes, we do.
  • Do you supply any of your systems / solutions with payment options or terms