Solutions and Services We Offer

The right solution at the right time.

As a solution driven company, we are market leaders in the supply of traceability products and services. Experienced in the field of traceability, our support for marking, identification and traceability equipment extends throughout Africa.

Track n' Trace

We have the ability to supply the complete package when it comes to the track n trace of your products from the label printers and labels to scanners as well as customized software.

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High Security Asset Labels

Traceability Solutions stocks a variety of tamper evident laser markable materials, developed for asset labeling applications.

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In-House Marking

Traceability Solutions provides companies with a fast, efficient and reliable marking service which can be done in-house with us or on site for you at a fraction of the cost of the equipment.

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Rent to Own

Not every customer has the volumes or the constant need for marking to justify the purchase of a marking system, so we have implemented a system which allows customers to loan or rent units for a predetermined period of time.

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Software Development & Customisation

Traceability Solutions has an in-house custom software design department, who will be able to develop and adapt software to your specific requirements.

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Custom Automation & Integration

We are the only marking and identification supplier in our industry who can provide an in-house system integration, customised enclosure or workstation engineering service to suit your production environment.

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Industrial Solutions

We provide a range of industrial solutions, such as Automatic Coil Taggers, Automatic Billet Tagging Systems, Colourband Pipe Marking Systems, Plate Markers for Moving Plate, and Automatic Slab Tagging Machines.

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Brand Protection

An effective strategy to fight counterfeiting includes item level identification, authentication and track and trace, and Traceability Solutions is well positioned to help many manufacturers in fighting this organised crime.

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