The Perfect Solution for Tamper-Evident Marking of Assets

Traceability Solutions stocks a variety of tamper evident, laser markable materials which are generally used as tamper evident labels for high-security applications and asset registry marking such as:

  • office equipment
  • healthcare items
  • IT assets

The material has a double layer, brittle acrylic film that “breaks apart” when tampered with. TESA has been tried and tested in many industries as well as over the entire life of labelled assets and is regarded as a high-performance product for asset labelling applications. We supply and mark this material by using sophisticated laser marking systems, which minimizes the risk of counterfeiting.

These labels are typically black and engrave white but can also be supplied in silver, grey or white material which engraves black. We are able to engrave logos, barcodes, 1D and 2D codes, alphanumerical sequences and text. These labels can be manufactured in any shape or size and can have square or round corners.

Unlike aluminium asset tracking tags, which can also be used, the asset tracking labels are less expensive, easier to apply, don’t need expensive industrial acetone which needs to be applied correctly to ensure correct adhesion onto items and will not be able to be pulled off without showing a tamper evidence and has a quicker production turnaround time. The backing of the label is highly resistant against chemicals, abrasions and temperature. These labels are better than a VOID tamper label as it is not limited to label print fade over time.

We can also offer you track n trace solutions as an added value service with asset registry software and scanners to complete the solution. For more information on our asset tracking solutions please contact us on 010 020 7220.