Tesa’s solution to the greatest bonding challenges

Tesa’s solution to the greatest bonding challenges

The demand to provide efficient and effective bonding solutions in the automotive industry is increasing rapidly, with more focus on resilience, chemical resistance and high-level bonding solutions. As the industry continues to look for new ways to decrease displacement while maintaining power output, the need for alternatives to mechanical and glue bonding methods continues to grow.

tesa’s Reactive HAF thermosetting adhesive tapes are a proven solution to the industry’s greatest bonding challenges. With its resilience, chemical resistance, and high bonding strength, tesa® HAF has been especially designed for situations where new designs and ideas are creating compact lightweight designs that reduce emissions and fuel consumption. When combined with advanced materials like aluminium and carbon composites, tesa® HAF offers automotive OEMs a unique set of synergies to help them pursue greater levels of fuel efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Solutions include:

  • Bonding of friction materials in clutches and transmissions
  • Bonding magnets to rotors
  • Bonding of brake shims for disc brakes
  • Bonding of fabrics with LTR HAF

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